OKE plans on implementing our “Growing A Future” initiative into Primary schools across South Auckland.

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The Master Plan


The Master Plan

OKE plans on implementing our “Growing A Future” initiative into primary schools up across South Auckland over the next few years. Our starting point is Papatoetoe, Auckland, with ten primary/intermediate schools identified to get growing by 2018.

Through Growing A Future, OKE deliver a garden to each school, enabling the kids, teachers and local community to get growing. The garden includes all that is required to make it sustainable; raised beds, greenhouse, composting solutions, kids tools, teacher tools, irrigation etc.  Each Growing a Future project for a school costs $10,000 to put together from start to finish…at no cost to the school!!

Check out our Working Bee Schedule to see the next school receiving Growing A Future and come along to help kids grow.

 Projected OKE progress from now until 2025.

Projected OKE progress from now until 2025.


The Benefits of Growing A Future

•    Kids learn the mighty chip comes from a potato
•    Kids become the teachers and show parents how to grow and use veggies at home
•    By encouraging communities to come together and share skills, then the community as a whole benefits
•    Providing a social platform where kids can just be kids and learn by getting down and dirty
•    Increase life skills, increase levels of self-esteem / worth
•    Give kids hands-on skills that they might potentially be interested in pursuing in life later on
•    Give kids the opportunity to get outside and interact with each other
•    Families learning / understanding how to provide / look after their own
•    Children growing up healthy and strong with positive outlook / future
•    Provide financial skills by turning produce from the garden into profitable sales, which fund a sustainable garden.


“Gardening is learning, learning, learning. That’s
the fun of them. You’re always learning.”

Helen Mirren