OKE plans on implementing our “Growing A Future” initiative into Primary schools across South Auckland.

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The Master Plan


The Master Plan

OKE plans on implementing our “Growing A Future” initiative into primary schools across South Auckland over the next few years. Our starting point was Papatoetoe, Auckland and OKE have since built gardens in Otara, Manurewa, Weymouth and Wattle Downs.

Through Growing A Future, OKE deliver a garden to each school, enabling the kids, teachers and local community to get growing. The garden includes all that is required to make it sustainable; raised beds, greenhouse, composting solutions, kids tools, teacher tools, irrigation etc.  Each Growing a Future project for a school costs $10,000 to put together from start to finish…at no cost to the school!!

Check out our Working Bee Schedule to see the next school receiving Growing A Future and come along to help kids grow.



The Benefits of Growing A Future

•    Kids learn the mighty chip comes from a potato
•    Kids become the teachers and show parents how to grow and use veggies at home
•    By encouraging communities to come together and share skills, then the community as a whole benefits
•    Providing a social platform where kids can just be kids and learn by getting down and dirty
•    Increase life skills, increase levels of self-esteem / worth
•    Give kids hands-on skills that they might potentially be interested in pursuing in life later on
•    Give kids the opportunity to get outside and interact with each other
•    Families learning / understanding how to provide / look after their own
•    Children growing up healthy and strong with positive outlook / future
•    Provide financial skills by turning produce from the garden into profitable sales, which fund a sustainable garden.


“Gardening is learning, learning, learning. That’s
the fun of them. You’re always learning.”

Helen Mirren