There is something a little bit special about the OKE Squad, made up of a passionate bunch who are motivated to enrich the lives of the local community…whilst having lots of fun.


OKE Squad

The Board aka The Crazy Gang



Mel Lim

Chairperson aka Queen Bee

Whilst OKE looks to bring together communities, it also strives to encourage corporates to get involved too. This is where you need someone who flies in the corporate circles to champion our cause, for this we introduce you too Melinda Lim.


Paul Dickson

FOUNDER AKA Chief Go Getter

Paul came up with the crazy idea of creating the #H2HWalk back in 2012.  After the successes of the fundraiser, he decided to do things a little bit backward and then create the OKE Charity. The daily tasks required to run OKE are carried out by Paul…when he’s not on Daddy Daycare duty!


Anj Dickson

Treasurer aka The Purse Strings

What do you get when you combine an amazing nurse at Middlemore Hospital, an ex-chef from the Ritz, London and the brilliant wife/mother of the Dickson boys? Anj, the OKE Treasurer aka The Purse Strings, ensuring the pennies are well and truly taken care of.


Roxanne Lehmann

Secretary aka Administrator of Awesomeness

In life there are those who have to take meeting minutes and then there are those who love to take meeting minutes. OKE is very fortunate to have the latter, with Roxanne being our Administrator of Awesomeness (AOA), taking care of the general admin at OKE. 


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

- helen keller